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No matter what type of Microsoft partner you are, Noteworthy Support is there to take the Operational and Administrative workload off your brightest and busiest people. 

Managing Partner Center is a huge and time consuming responsibility. Whether you have an Alliances Manager or not, Noteworthy exists to free your people up to focus on your customers.

Partner Center Healthcheck Report

The Partner Center Healthcheck Report is the typical starting point for most partners. This detailed audit provides your SLT (and the Noteworthy team) with a list of critical objectives that make up the scope of your next engagement with Noteworthy.

Delivered in 30 days.


Alliances Subscription

A flexible monthly subscription that provides access to the entire Noteworthy team. From deal registration to pre-sales funding claims, the Alliances Subscription covers everything that an in-house Alliances Lead would be responsible for at a fraction of the cost. 

Marketplace Mastery

A joint venture with Microsoft UK, the Marketplace Mastery™ plan provides training & operational support to drive Microsoft Commercial Marketplace sales in the most profitable way possible.

The plan is built to cater for the prevalent purchasing behaviour in our digital era, focusing on research, purchase and implementation solely through online marketplaces.

Once your transactable Offering has been fine-tuned by Marketplace Mastery™, we can introduce it to a range of licensing partners that will help you sell it. 


Practice Building, GTM & Industry Management

Noteworthy work closely with organisations that can help you break into new markets, expand your workload coverage and develop your offerings to appeal to more customers. Consultancy is available via Noteworthy. All consultants are Microsoft accredited and have direct Microsoft Partner experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get a Microsoft Solution Partner Designation?

These prestigious partner badges are earned via 3 main metrics: Customer Success, Skilling and Performance. We’ll look at these in detail as part of the Microsoft Alliances Subscription and you’ll get very familiar with them.

How do I earn money from Microsoft?

Microsoft funding is earned via numerous channels, but all of these funding paths are gated by things like Solution Partner Designations and Specialisations. Noteworthy Partners have access to our Funding Desk for this exact reason.

How do we get to Managed Partner status with Microsoft?

It’s important to understand why you want to be a ‘Managed Partner’ first. However, the short answer is by being absolutely Operationally excellent! 

How do I get listed on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace?

The answer lies within Partner Center! Navigating the details of requirements and optimal marketing strategies for your offer can be challenging. The Commercial Marketplace Manager at Noteworthy will guide you through what to list, when and how. 

What is co-op funding?

Microsoft co-op funding is financial assistance provided by Microsoft to its partners or affiliates for marketing and promotional activities related to Microsoft products or services. Utilising your co-op funding and showcasing this investment will enhance your visibility and reputation within the Microsoft ecosystem. Noteworthy can help you understand the funding for which you qualify and determine the most effective ways to use it.

How do I make money on the Microsoft marketplace?

We would recommend that you start by evaluating the market to ensure your specific product is relevant and has a clear audience.Then, create an exceptional Offer Listing on the Marketplace, and make it Transactable and Co-Sell ready, if eligible. We’d also recommend that ISVs speak to our Commercial Marketplace Manager about MPO… 

How do I publish my case study onto the Microsoft Customer Stories website?

Partners can get published onto the Microsoft Customer Stories site by making use of their partner benefits. The Marketplace Rewards Toolbox will help partners in their marketing missions.Your Noteworthy Partner Manager can aid you in crafting the case study and ensuring all necessary steps are completed on the path to publication.

Can I get Microsoft funding for my customer projects?

Possibly! Microsoft offer various funding programs and incentives to support customer projects. These funding opportunities can include co-op funding, incentives for specific sales or marketing activities, and funding for partner-led customer projects.To access Microsoft funding for customer projects, partners typically need to meet certain eligibility criteria and follow specific guidelines outlined by Microsoft.  Your Noteworthy Alliances Subscription will connect you with our Funding Desk Manager to make sure you utilise this resource effectively.

How can we show Microsoft our expertise as a Partner?

We’d recommend a combination of things: Focus on Solution Partner Designations and subsequent Specialisations, effective customer associations, opportunity sharing and Marketplace presence. Combining these programs into one plan of attack is an excellent starting place for partners.

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