Microsoft Partner Center Healthcheck Report

The Partner Center Healthcheck report is an audit of the data within your Microsoft Partner Center portal. It provides you with a comprehensive list of actionable items to work from, prioritising them in order of urgency and impact. 

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Our Microsoft Partner Center Health Check reports include...

An executive Summary

A one page summary of the key findings with anything urgent highlighted for your immediate attention. 

The Executive Summary will call out Microsoft programs that need the attention of the leadership team, along with any money left on the table with Microsoft. 


Guides & Recommendations

Your Partner Center Healthcheck Report will be packed full of guides, explainers and links to Microsoft official documentation sites. 

Incentive Program Guides are available for easy access, and we also make plenty of recommendations on ways in which you could align more closely with Microsoft. 

Example report front page

The output

The purpose of our partner center healthcheck reports is to discover opportunities to increase partner profitability


  • Co-Op Funding
  • Workshop Funding
  • Marketing and MDF
  • Usage and Consumption Funding


  • Skilling and Certifications that earn Solution Partner Designation points
  • Commercial Marketplace GTM planning


  • Can prospects and customers find you on AppSource or the Azure Marketplace?
  • How many leads have you received this financial year?
  • What is your pipeline health with Microsoft?


  • Azure cost calculators
  • Local incentive guides along with qualifying criteria mapping 
  • Achieving a Specialisation in your field of expertise
  • MACC
  • Networking with peers

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a Partner Centre Healthcheck Report?

Partner Centre is your gateway into all of the most critical Microsoft initiatives, yet understanding what's missing or under-utilised often demands significant time and expertise.

The Healthcheck Report by Noteworthy will provide you with an all encompassing view of your status within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

How much does the Microsoft Partner Center Healthcheck Report cost?

£2,000 exc. VAT.

50% is invoiced upfront with the remaining 50% invoiced upon delivery of your report.

How long does the report take?

Our SLA for returning your completed report is one month from the date on which you grant us Partner Center access. This is not because we’re slow, but because we have to account for two large data refreshes from Microsoft which are outside of our control. 

What do need from us to get the Healthcheck started?

Partner Center access! We do not require any onboarding. It is helpful to nominate a point of contact within your organisation that can help us with things like reconciling data discrepancies as part of the report.

Will the report connect us with Microsoft sellers?

No, it won’t. Stakeholder mapping and engagement is available as part of our OakWorthy bundle, but should come later down the line once you are “Operationally Match-Fit”.

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