We've mastered Microsoft Partner Center - so you don't have to.

Get ready to tick Microsoft operations off your list and focus on what you do best - growing your business.

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Microsoft Operations & Administration as a flexible & cost-effective monthly subscription. 

Born in 2018 and in close partnership with Microsoft UK, Noteworthy Support is experienced in building out processes to support your growth and development as a Microsoft partner.

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Setting the foundation for success with Microsoft

  • Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program
  • Solution Partner Designations
  • Microsoft Commerce Incentive
  • Workload-specific workshop funding
  • Partner of Record and driving greater recognition
  • Commercial Marketplace listings
  • ‘Marketplace Transactable’ status 
  • Co-Selling with Microsoft
  • Microsoft.com published case studies

What We Do

Partner Center Healthcheck Report

An audit of your Partner Center data tied together in a comprehensive RAG report that shows you exactly what you look like to a seller at Microsoft.


Microsoft Alliances Subscription

A flexible monthly subscription that provides access to the entire Noteworthy team. From deal registration to pre-sales funding claims, the Alliances Subscription covers everything that an in-house Alliances Lead would be responsible for at a fraction of the cost.


Marketplace Mastery®

Combining the innovation & agility of the ISV with the sales prowess of the leading licensing powerhouses in the UK, Marketplace Mastery™ provides training & operational support to drive Microsoft Commercial Marketplace sales in the most profitable way possible.


Practice Building, GTM & Industry Management​

Noteworthy work closely with organisations that can help you break into new markets, expand your workload coverage and develop your offerings to appeal to more customers. Consultancy is available via Noteworthy. All consultants are Microsoft accredited and have direct Microsoft Partner experience.


What the Noteworthy community has to say

In Noteworthy, we have access to a team of Microsoft partner experts who are always on hand to advise and support CloudGuard to be a better Microsoft partner and to maximise the effectiveness of our Partnership with Microsoft.

Rimo3’s journey in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace has been significantly enhanced by our partnership with Noteworthy Support. They provided exceptional assistance with our listings and the creation of tailored private offers, demonstrating a deep understanding of the marketplace dynamics and customer needs.

The Noteworthy team have a passion for excellence in customer service and a commitment to innovative and empathetic partner support.

Two Noteworthy team members in Dublin

"We don't know what we don't know"
- Microsoft Partners across the Globe

Noteworthy are fondly known within the Microsoft channel as the Microsoft 'Partner Center Pros’. We are your dedicated resource when it comes to navigating the dynamic landscape of your Microsoft partnership. Established in 2018, we specialise in providing comprehensive operational and enablement services tailored to Microsoft partners who want to build a strong Microsoft practice and align closely with the main objectives that Microsoft set.

Our CEO spent many years at Microsoft working with a diverse set of partners and realised that Partner Center is truly the “One Source of Truth” for Microsoft sellers. Partner Center is the only way in which Microsoft can see which customers you are working with, what your pipeline looks like, which Solution Partner Designations you have and which Microsoft Funding programs you are part of. It is imperative that partners have a resource that is dedicated to managing Microsoft Operations & Funding, and Noteworthy have designed a suite of services, which address this need. Noteworthy Support has a close relationship with Microsoft and works hard to understand the ever-changing landscape, leaving you to focus on your customers. With services that are cost-effective and flexible, Noteworthy Support gets you ‘Operationally Match-Fit’ and ready to stand in front of your customers as the best Microsoft Partner in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have co-op funding to spend?

Covering marketing, product development, staff hire and various other costs, co-op funding emerges as an invaluable asset for advancing and promoting your product. Partners who leverage co-op branding can significantly boost their brand visibility with Microsoft. Yet many Partners remain unaware of their eligibility or the process for claiming this resource.

Book in for a free consultation to uncover whether you have Co-Op Funding available to spend today. 

Do I need a Partner Centre Healthcheck Report?

Partner Centre is your gateway into all of the most critical Microsoft initiatives, yet understanding what's missing or under-utilised often demands significant time and expertise.

The Healthcheck Report by Noteworthy will provide you with an all encompassing view of your status within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem.

Is the Microsoft Alliances Subscription right for us?

Designed with a totally flexible scope in mind, the Alliances Subscription by Noteworthy provides you with access to an entire team of people who are all at hand to help you make the most of your investment in the Microsoft relationship.

From Solution Partner Designations to the Commercial Marketplace, the Alliances Subscription is our most popular service.

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